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Welcome to Excel Spine and Rehab

We are so glad you found us!  Excel Spine and Rehab is dedicated to optimizing health and improving quality of life of individuals, families and our community.  As one of the leading wellness centers in Norman we take pride in our comprehensive approach to physical health.  Our goal at Excel Spine and Rehab is to provide the highest quality assessment and treatment for each and every patient.

Correcting the Root Cause

In addition to developing an understanding of the negative impact that your condition is imposing on you, your family and your loved ones, the primary objective of every assessment is to identify the underlying causes of your pain.  Accurately diagnosing the root cause of your condition empowers us to prescribe the most effective and efficient treatments and exercises tailored to your individual needs.

Our thorough examinations include a postural analysis, functional movement assessment, neurological and orthopedic assessment, soft tissue assessment and joint health evaluation.

Individualized Treatment

Each patient and injury is unique, requiring distinct treatment and corrective exercises.  However, almost all patients require a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and rehabilitative exercises.  It is this exceptional combination of treatments and rehabilitation that sets us apart and allows our patients to achieve faster, more effective and longer lasting results than traditional therapy.

To experience our compassionate care first hand or learn more about how you may benefit from our integrated physical health care call our friendly staff or book an appointment online today!


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