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Migraines are a common pain condition that affect as many as 39 million people in the United States. These types of headaches cause throbbing pain that may last hours or days and occur on a regular basis. When searching for a long-term solution for your migraines, you may want to consider chiropractic care with Jay Adams, DC, at Excel Spine & Rehab in Norman, Oklahoma. He takes a conservative and effective approach to migraine pain that leads to long-term relief. Call the office or schedule a consultation online today.

Migraine Q & A

What is a migraine?

A migraine is a type of headache that causes intense throbbing that usually only affects one side of the head. The pain may last a few hours or a few days and may include other symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting.

Migraines are a common pain condition. Though the frequency of migraines varies, some people have 15 or more migraine episodes a month, which may significantly affect quality of life. 

Excel Spine & Rehab specializes in diagnosing and treating spinal and musculoskeletal pain conditions, including migraines. They create individual treatment plans that help people find long-term relief from their migraine pain to improve their quality of life.

What are migraine symptoms?

Migraine symptoms vary in type and severity. However, the symptoms may occur in stages. These stages include:


Before onset of your migraine pain, you may experience symptoms like food cravings, mood changes, or neck stiffness. These are prodrome migraine symptoms. 


An aura is a reversible nervous system reaction that occurs with migraines. These symptoms may happen before or during your head pain and include visual changes, such as the appearance of dark spots or flashes of light, or sensory changes, such as a pins and needles sensation in your arms or legs.

Head pain

Migraines cause a moderate-to-severe throbbing sensation that usually affects only one side of your head. 


Once your migraine resolves, you may enter the postdrome stage of your migraine. During this stage, you may feel drained and washed out. 

What are the treatments for a migraine?

When you visit Excel Spine & Rehab for help with your migraine pain, your chiropractor conducts a thorough exam to fully understand your migraines and overall health and well-being.

Your provider tailors treatment for your migraine pain to best meet your needs, which may include spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapy, as well as a personalized functional rehabilitation exercise program.

Many people have specific migraine triggers, such as eating certain types of food or weather changes. Your provider at Excel Spine & Rehab may also help you identify your migraine triggers and develop tools to avoid them or minimize their impact on your health and well-being.

For long-term migraine relief, call Excel Spine & Rehab or book an appointment online today.